Jeffrey Pierre, B.S.

RESEARCH FOCI: African Diaspora, Haiti, Parent- Child Relationships  Discipline

Jeffrey  entered the Applied Social & Cultural Doctoral program in Fall 2022. His major professor is Dr. Dionne Stephens.

Jeffrey's research examines the construction of parental disciplinary practices cross culturally; he is particularly interested in exploring the ways in perceptions about discipline influence healthy parent- child relationship development within Haitian communities. His goal is to identify culturally appropriate intervention approaches that center Haitian values and socio historical realities.  For more information about his research, please email Jeffrey directly.

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About Jeffrey

Jeffrey began his research career as an undergraduate student in the CCHI Lab. During that time he complete an honors thesis, presented at conferences, and co authored a published manuscript.  Jeffrey also gained community based research skills at Affirming YOUTH, a local community agency providing mental health and social services to clients across Liberty City. While there, Jeffrey assisted with grant writing, community outreach, and data analysis activities.

Jeffrey is building on this work by expanding his network across other local community agencies. Recntly, he was seleted to be a Sant La Fellow; this award identifies, prepares, and supports the next generation of leaders in the Haitian-American community.

Jeffrey's Research Foci

Jeffrey's research  agenda specifically examines disciplinary norms, practices and perceptions across a diverse Black emerging adults. Focusing on emerging adults’ perceptions is critical given they could reflect upon their childhood and adolescent experiences with discipline. Further, they at the life stage where they are beginning their own families, including becoming parents. Thus, gathering their past and future reflections would provide important insights into generational and cultural changes/ similarities in disciplinary practices. We will specifically examine the contextual and cultural factors, including acculturation, familial nation of origin and receiving context, diverse Black emerging adults’ perceptions of parental disciplinary practices. A quantitative survey will be distributed to eligible participants in community settings.

Jeffrey's Awards & Honors

Sant La Fellowship (2022- 2023)
Leadership program for young professionals of Haitian descent

Department of Psychology SEEDS Research Grant Award (2023)
Exploring Black Emerging Adults’ Perceptions of Disciplinary Practice

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Jeffrey's Recent Work


Stephens, D. P., Pierre, J. & Helpingstine, C. (2022). Black mothers’ perceptions of barriers and motivators for initiating adolescent dating violence discussions with daughters. Journal of Black Sexuality & Relationships(9)1 & 2.

Ouellette, R. R., Goodman, A. C., Martinez-Pedraza, F., Moses, J. O., Cromer, K., Zhao, X., Pierre, J., & Frazier, S. L. (2020). A Systematic Review of Organizational and Workforce Interventions to Improve the Culture and Climate of Youth-Service Settings. Administration and policy in Mental Health, 47(5), 764–778.

Research Conferences

Pierre, J. J., Chou, T., Frazier, S.L., (2019, November). Examining the Feasibility of a Web-based Platform to Train Afterschool Recreators. Poster presented at the Special Interest Group (SIG) at the 53rd Annual Convention of the Association for Behavior and Cognitive Therapies (ABCT), Atlanta, GA. 

Ouellette, R.R., Goodman, A.C., Pedraza-Martínez, F., Cromer, K.D., Zhao, X., Moses, J.O., Pierre, J.J., & Frazier, S.L. (2019, September). A systematic review of organizational and workforce interventions to improve the culture and climate of youth-service settings. Paper presented at the 5th Biennial Conference of the Society for Implementation Research Collaboration (SIRC), Seattle, WA. 

Pierre, J. J., Helpingstine, C. E. & Stephens, D. (2018, October) Black mothers’ perceptions of intergenerational mother-daughter communications about TDV victimization. Poster presented at FIU McNair Scholars Conference, Miami, FL

Jeffrey's Research Projects

To view research projects that Jeffrey has taken a leadership role in developing and/ or implementing, please visit our Current Research and Completed Research study pages.

Current Research

This quantitative study explores reflections of parental disciplinary practices and decision making across diverse racial/ ethnic minority emerging adult college students. Ethnic Minority affilation, acculturation, disciplinary practice experiences, and parent/ child conflict tactics are among the factors being assessed in this study.

Experiences with

This content analysis examines college students' perceptions of discipline as it relates to their culturally informed parent- child relationships values and norms. These are being analyzed across three forms of discipline identified within the literature.